Weaver Machine and Tool Company was founded in 1972 by Ronald "Bucky" Weaver. Since that time Weaver has developed into one of the leaders of precision made machine and tool products in Central New York. Located in Auburn, New York, we have steadily grown from a small machine shop to a Company that specializes in high precision prototyping, machining, production, assembly and vacuum brazing of a variety of highly technical components.


We built our business on the premise that “quality of service, not quantity of business", is the most important. Weaver Machine and Tool Company is recognized as a leader in producing fine quality precision made machine products and responding to the needs of its customers. Since the formation of the company, we have prided ourselves on being committed to the specific needs of our customers. Our policy is to treat every customer as number one and we will not compromise our policy to augment the quantity of business. Whether a current or prospective customer of the Weaver Machine and Tool Company, they can be assured of our constant updating and upgrading of modern equipment, providing state of the art tooling. As equally important, Weaver Machine and Tool Company continually institutes training programs for its skilled personnel with on-the-job training to meet the demands of our customers. Our goal is to provide customers with the best available machine tooled product in the marketplace. We strive to be the best, not the biggest.